With an emphasis on human biology, the Cambridge IGCSE Biology syllabus helps Past papers Specimen Paper 1 Mark Scheme (PDF, KB). You can download the papers and marking schemes by clicking on the links below. June IGCSE Biology Past Exam Papers. June Biology Paper 1 Multiple Choice (Core) (/11) – Download Paper – Download Mark Scheme. Y11 Cambridge IGCSE Biology – past paper questions and answers Killers of the Flower Moon.

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Unit 1 – Cell Biology. Page 2. 4. 1 - Cell structure. Page 3. 5. Page 4. 6. Page 5. 7 . 2 - Transport across membranes. Page 6. 8. Page 7. 9. Page 8. Page 9. Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9 - 1) in Biology (1BI0) . Biology. Paper 1. Foundation Tier. Sample Assessment Materials for first teaching September. sqa pastpapers. for Biology. 20 papers found for Biology, displaying all papers. Page 1 , Advanced Higher, All Question Papers, PDF (MB). Select to.

Select to download H - Biology instructions, Select to download Int1 - Biology instructions, Select to download Int2 - Biology instructions, Specimen and exemplar questions papers Specimen question papers are available for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications.

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Since this syllabus involves a consideration of its topics very largely from This PDF book incorporate past papers biology o level information. Paper 2. To download free biology sl paper 2 tz2ms.

This PDF book contain csec biology past papers document. This PDF book include pass paper for human and social biology conduct. Page 1 of 26 B to promote functioning of male reproductive organs. C for development of male secondary sexual characteristics. This PDF book provide practice test on male reproductive system conduct. This PDF book include zimsec biology syllabus information.

This PDF book contain ocr biology june information. This mark scheme is This PDF book include biology mark scheme guide. To download free biology ig past papers home weebly you need to Biology Fall Dr.

Fall Dr. Howe's Final Exam Review.

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The take-home portion of the exam is worth This PDF book incorporate biology final exam review document. To download free biology fall dr. Page 2 of Use black ink or ball-point pen. Fill in the boxes at the top of this page with your name, centre number and candidate This PDF book provide 6bi04 past papers conduct.

To download free edexcel biology unit 4 6bi04 january qp. This PDF book contain molecular biology final exam answers guide. This PDF book provide molecular biology final exam answers conduct. This PDF book provide s1 june international paper guide. A 1 mark for. This PDF book provide jan 13 bio1 mark scheme information. This PDF book provide ocr biology f june mark scheme guide.

Read the Life in the high intertidal zone is affected by important abiotic factors such as. Multiple choice. This PDF book provide high school biology final exam multiple choice guide. To download free marine biology exam 3 final exam 1 read the you need to Free Sbi Clerical Exam.

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Absence of cuticle also increase rate of transpiration ii Explain the environmental factors that affect rate of transpiration in plants high temperature increases rate of transpiration and low temperature reduces the rate humidity when high increases rate and when low reduces the rate transpiration rate is higher in moving air wind than in still air high light intensity increases internal temperature hence higher rate of evaporation leading to higher rate of transpiration availability of water in the soil leads to more absorption hence more loss to the atmosphere atmospheric pressure when high leads to more evaporation and when low leads to low rate evaporation of water iii State the structural differences between xylem vessels and sieve tubes sieve tubes have cross wall while xylem vessels have none xylem vessels are lignified while sieve tubes are not Sieve tubes have cytoplasm elements while xylem vessels have none.

Water vapour accumulates in the depression of stomata lowering the water vapour concentration gradient leading to lower rate of evaporation rolling of leaves v State the factors that cause increase in the rate of transpiration from leaves increased light intensity low relative humidity temperature vi Explain how drooping of leaves on a hot sunny day is advantageous to a plant reduces surface area exposed to sun reducing cuticular transpiration c Explain how aquatic and terrestrial plants are adapted to deal with problems of transpiration a.

Mesophytes they grow in soils with enough water water loss is perfectly balanced by absorption of more from the soil no special adaptations b. Either cut a stem of a young plant or twig of a tree under water or else uproot a young herbaceous plant and wash the soil gently put some water in a beaker and add a dye i.

OR use radio-active tracers, C14 in form of carbon ring a plant then put it in a container containing radio-active phosphorous solution The radio-active phosphorus is later detected in the leaves. It receives blood from the whole body. For the heart muscle to be well nourished and be provided with enough oxygen and carbon IV oxide removal, it is supplied with blood by the coronary arteries and drained by the coronary veins iv Explain why blood leaving the lungs may not be fully oxygenated under ventilation of the lungs blockage of alveoli air sacs high cardiac frequency i.

Arteries carry away blood from the heart carry oxygenated blood except pulmonary artery which takes blood from the heart to lungs for oxygen have thick, muscular walls are elastic have narrow lumen all these adaptations are required to withstand high pressure caused by heartbeat ii. Capillaries link arterioles and venules to arteries and veins small in diameter to increase pressure resistance for materials to filter out thin walled as they consist of a single layer of cells to allow diffusion of substances e.

Give the advantages of this mode of transport. Explain the meaning of: Introduction of blood from one person to another v Under what conditions would blood transfusion be necessary in people?

State the precautions that must be taken before blood transfusion blood must be disease free sterilized equipment must be used blood of the recipient and that of the donor must b compatible to both ABO and rhesus factor Fresh blood must be used.

Excessive sensitivity and reaction of an individual to certain substances in environment e. The continuous exchange of oxygen and carbon Iv oxide between the organism and environment ii Why is gaseous exchange important to organisms?

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Guard cells contain chloroplasts, unlike the other epidermal cells which enable photosynthesis to occur Inner walls of guard cells are thicker than the outer cells iii State the factors which affect stomatal opening water which when low stomata close and when high stomata keeps open light as stomata open in bright light and close in darkness temperature iv Name the theories suggesting the mechanism of opening and closing of stomata interconversion of starch and sugar pH theory mineral ion concentration v Describe the mechanism of opening and closing of stomata stomata close at night and open during daytime This comes about due to changes in turgidity as a result of pH changes in guard cells.

During the day potassium ions concentrate in guard cells, raising their osmotic pressure and causes then to open In the night the concentration of potassium ions decreases increasing osmotic pressure in guard cells therefore causes stomata to open.

Large surface area iii Describe gaseous exchange in protozoa example is amoeba small and have large surface area oxygen diffuses into the organism and carbon IV oxide diffuses out into Water simple diffusion of gases is enough to meet its respiratory requirements e i Make a labeled drawing of a fish gill ii How is a fish gill adapted to its function?Some energy locked up in intermediate products like ethanol in plants and lactic acid in animals substrate is completely oxidized in aerobic respiration iv Explain the disadvantages of anaerobic respiration Less energy produced in anaerobic respiration since food is partially oxidized while in aerobic respiration food is completely oxidized.

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This PDF book provide jan 13 bio1 mark scheme information. Multiple choice. All questions are compulsory. This PDF book incorporate biology paper 3 cambridge exam paper information.