Our software developer Hub van de Laar has put together many nice arrows and markings that enable the reader to focus on the posi- tion's essence at a single. Fresh Ideas and New Weapons for Black in the Ruy Lopez . I've been playing the Zaitsev Ruy Lopez with both colours for my entire chess career. Naturally. Nov 3, #1. You can download this free pdf here: Ruy Lopez - All Variations variations, 6 most common (names, ECO, moves) 20 pages, KB.

Ruy Lopez Pdf

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THE RUY LOPEZ. It starts: 1. e2-e4 e7-e5. 2. Ng1-f3 Nb8-c6. 3. Bf1-b5. XABCDEFGH. 8r+lwqkvlntr. 7zppzpp+pzpp'. 6-+n+-+-+&. 5+L+-zp-+-%. 4-+-+P+- +$. Download free Ruy Lopez: Move by Move (Everyman Chess) pdf. Avalon Shorts PDF Sewing Pattern for Women Women's Sewing Patterns, Women's. The Ruy Lopez Opening, 1.e4 e5 cepcosojurre.gq3 Nc6. cepcosojurre.gq5, is old, highly regarded, and highly analyzed. It is White's most logical attempt to continue the attack started.

Ne3 Rb5 Bd6 c3 Rd3 a4 Nd4 Nxd4 Rxd4 Bxh4 Re2 axb3 Nc2 Bxe7 Kxe7 Nxb4 gxf4 Rxf4 Rg4 Rd4 h5 Nxe6 Kxe6 Rh6 Re4 Rf2 Rbxe5 Rxh5 Ke6 Rf6 Kd4 Rd8 Re2 Rf3 Rxa2 Rd2 Re4 Rf2 Rg4 Kb2 Re4 Ka3 Rd5 Rf3 Ka5 Kb3 Kb6 Kc4 Kc6 Rb3 Re5 Kd5 Re8 Kd6 Re1 Rf3 Kxb5 Ke6 Ke4 Kf6 Ra1 Ne2 Bd7 9.

The Ruy Lopez, Marshall Attack - C89 - abby21.pdf

Bb2 Bf6 Bxf6 Nxf6 Nd2 O-O-O O-O-O Rd7 Nf4 Re8 Nc4 b6 Rxd7 Nxd7 Rd1 Ne5 Nxe5 Rxe5 Re8 Nh5 Rg8 Rd3 f6 Kd2 Be8 Ng3 Bd7 Ke3 Re8 Nh5 Re7 Ng3 fxe4 Nxe4 Bf5 Rc3 Rd1 Kf4 Bd7 Re3 Rh1 Ke5 Rh3 Kxf6 Be8 It is not only one of the best openings for beginners but also played at master level, with opening theory developed as far as move The best way to get a feel for this opening is to practice playing with both colors and conducting post-game analyses.

You will get a feel for where to place the pieces, understand the key positions and maneuvers. You can absorb many key ideas that will help you in your own games. Finally, you need to build up a coherent opening repertoire step-by-step. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please enable JavaScript to submit this form.

Sign up for this FREE email course and discover the 5 mistakes that may be holding you back. Vishy Anand insists the Ruy Lopez and the Sicilian Defense are the 2 essential openings to understand if you want to understand chess. The Ruy Lopez begins with the following moves: Nxd4 see the diagram below: The Closed Ruy Lopez Instead of taking the knight after 1. The Ruy Lopez — 6.

Find out what they are in this free course created by Grandmaster Damian Lemos who has years of experience coaching club players.

Share this post: Chess Openings , General Chess Articles. Related Products The Dzindzi Indian: You might also be interested in:. World Championship Game Showdown In The Last Game. Chess Mastery Secrets: The Bulmaga Method — Practical Test!

Your email preferences have been updated! FAQ iChess. Re2 Qg3 Nf1 Nc4 Bc1 c5 Black is starting to walk all over White. Nf6 was Marshall's original idea but it is not as good as Ne3 Nxe3 Qxf2 is also pretty good.. Rxe5 Rb8 Nxd5 Black recaptures and gets a knight in the center. Bxd1 Bb7 White has five pieces on the back row so Black is better. Even so. Re1 Ng4 Kh1 Rc2 Rab8 Kg2 Rh4 Sabadell The attack looks fairly strong but it does not seem to work.

Ruy Lopez Exchange

It is instructional to see how Jakovenko finishes White.. Bxf4 Bxf4 Bd6 Nc3 Nxc3 Rb2 Qxa3 Rf1 Rbe8 Bc2 h6 White is not developing any pieces and leaves the rook on e5 open to attack.

Rxe5 White now has a rook in the center. Nxe5 Black takes the knight as not to lose any time..

Be3 Na5 Nxe5 Black would have a great game were it not for the hanging e5-pawn. Rfe1 Rf8 0— Rf2 Qh2 Rxe8 Kxe8 Bxf4 Seattle Nd2 Rfe8 with equality. Re1 This transposes after Nd2 Qf5 Black no longer holds out for an attack but goes to an endgame where the bishop-pair are enough to offset the pawn deficit..

Re3 However Black is more active and White still has not developed on the queenside. A2c Bd4 Magnus Carlsen as White decided not to press for a win. Bf4 Now the rook on e1 is protected and the pin on the e4-knight is broken. Be3 This developing move makes more sense than Be1 Re8 Kc3 Bd6 Re2 Bf5 Rae1 Ra7 Kxg1 Ke7 Kh1 Rg7 We will look at this position in the first illustrated game.

Nd2 Nf4 Nxd6 Qxd6 Nc5 Qf7 Nb3 f4 R6e2 Rfg8 Qg2 Rg6 Bc5 Kg6 Kxg2 f5 This does not actually win a piece because the knight on d5 is pinned after White recaptures dxe4. Be1 Ke6 Bh4 Bc7 Kd3 Bc7 Qh5 g4 Re2 Kf7 Rf1 a5 Ne6 Bxe6 Nd2 Rfe8 De Firmian. Nd2 Development is too slow in this situation. Ne4 Nxd3 Rf1 Nxb2 The bishop-pair count for a lot.

Bd2 h5 Bxd5 This lets Black basically take over. Leon Qxf5 Bxf5 Ne4 Bg4 Qd2 Nd3 Qxf4 Bxd3 Qxd5 Rad8 White has won another pawn at the cost of leaving the queenside undeveloped.

Bd4 f6 Ne4 Bc7 Nf3 Be4 Kc2 Bd6 Qxd5 Rad8 This transposes to the main line with the moves a4. However White has weakened his king position and kingside pawns very much.. ChessPublishing says this doesn't make a difference for the main line. Qf3 Rfe8 Black can play.. White seeks to trade material immediately since White is a pawn up.

Kf2 bxc3 Qf5 A2a Qf3 Bb8 Qh4 Bxd3 Black could recapture the pawn and make the material even. Nd2 g5 Ivanov tried this violent approach and it worked out alright. Ka2 Ke6 Qxd5 So White did not actually give back the pawn. Rae8 Rad8 Rxe6 Rg6 Bd8 Kd7 Ke2 Bc7 Kf2 Bb6 Bf4 This is a developing move but it gives the pawn back. Black gets the bishop-pair. Kb2 Kf7 Bd2 Bd6 Ra8-xa2 and get in on the queenside. Qg6 Now material is even and Black is just much better.

I would be scared of this attack. Bxd5 This is the main alternative to the alternatives to the main line. Nf3 Bg6 Bg5 Ke6 A2b Kg3 g5 As well.

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A2d Nd4 Qd7 Kb1 Bc7 Kxc4 Ke6 Bxd3 Qf3 Qh4 Bg5 Bd6 Rd1 h5 A2 Nxa6 Kh8 If I was White.. Re4 This does not make sense here.

Re1 A Qc2 Kg7 Nf6 Bxh3 Nh4 Qd7 Bc2 Nd6 Bd1 Qh5 0—1. Be3 Bxe3 Nd2 Bf5 Re5 Bxe5 Kf1 Qxf2. Qxd8 Raxd8 Bxe4 Bxe4 Qd1 Be4 Ne3 Bf3 Qxe1 b4 Be3 This is White's chance to breathe a little before Black starts throwing pieces at the king. Greece A move that has to be memorized.

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Bd1 Re8 Black is already a little better. Qe2 h6 Rf1 f6 Nc2 Re8 It is nice that White's light-squared bishop is over on the queenside. Be3 Nd5 Na3 g5 Kh2 Rg4 Re1 Bg4 It prevents Rh4 and provides ammo for a possible.

Bb3 g5! Qc4 Qe8 Qxb4 Bxg3 Qxg2 Nxe3 Ng2 Bxg2 Qh3 Black gets closer to the white king and takes over the weakened light squares. Kf1 Kf6 Re4 is a main move as well. It was played by none other than Fischer. Re1 Qh4 This is the same as the main line except Black has an extra.

Nd2 Bf4 h6 Qh4 The queen enters the attack and targets h2. Re2 This is awkward. Bf5 Qd3 c5 This is after all an attack.

Bf5 in. Re1 Rae8 Qf1 Qf5 Santa Monica Kxf1 Bf5 Qg2 Rae8 Be3 h5.

The threats around the white king prove to be formidable enough.. Bxd5 cxd5 Bg4 Rh6 g4 Rxe3 Re1 h4 Red1 Be4 Kg1 fxg3 At this point Black can only get a draw.

Kavala Kh1 Ree2 White can delay mate by seven moves. Kh2 g4 It's tough to see because it apparently gives up a bishop for nothing and allows the trade of queens.. Nd2 c3 Rxe4 Otherwise Black will play.

White first gets the g-pawn. Re6 f4! This was Anand's big novelty.. Ne2 Re6 Nd2 White can actually do this because if Black takes the exchange. Rd3 Rf5. Qf1 Rxe1 Ng5 h3 Qf3 White tries to run over the kingside and defend. Rxd1 Bxg2 Bd1 Qxd1 Be3 Qe2 Unlike Nc4 Bxf4 Qxg2 hxg2 Black ground out the win.

Be3 Bh3 Ne5 Bf5 Nd2 h4 Ne4 Bb8 Bd7 Black has an interesting idea of bringing the queen to f5. Qf5 The double attack is winning. Nc1 h5 Kxg2 f5 I like the black knight.. Qe2 f5 Nf3 Qh5 Biel Nxg4 Bxf4 Qg2 Qh5 Rxe1 f6 This loses.. Qf1 White quickly tries to trade down.

Ruy Lopez Berlin Defense [C65]

Nf3 g4 Ng1 Development is a little awkward for White. Kxf1 Rae8 Mate in two is threatened. Nd3 Bf3 Rfe8 Bf4 Be4 Rac1 Qh5 Rxd6 Otherwise Black gets the diagonal open for the c8-bishop for nothing.

Be3 Rfe8 A3 Bc1 Bxg3! Very imaginative play. Nc5 Re2 Linares Bd2 Bg4 Ne6 Re8 Nd2 A normal move like this is not so good. A-Fernandez Siles.

Kf1 Bxe3 Both sides have chances for interesting chess and I recommend the Marshall Attack if you are willing to put in the work to study it. Nf5 Qf7 Bb5 is still a good move; it develops a piece, prepares castling, and sets up a potential pin against Blacks king.

Qe3 d5. Now Black is the one who is scuttling backwards. Black could capture the pawn, but it gets complicated since White has more development and the e-file would become open. Bb5 ECO: Top chess player list. Bxc4 Qd7. Be1 Ke6