Looking for Financle Commands used for banking? Finacle Commands ebook download COMMANDS, Function of the Finacle Menu. Download the PDF file containing quick reference of Finacle Commands for both WEB & ONS Mode. Finacle Commands Guide Download. selective Finacle menu options / Finacle commands for your ready post will help you to master Finacle Package. few commands may vary from Bank to.

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However, the application suffers major deficiencies in terms of ease of use and information and support materials. Finacle Commands Ebook for Mac performs. Outsourcing-and-offshoring-news-maydoc - Finacle is still a small percentage of revenue to implement the Finacle Universal Banking for about Ebook Finacle Command Manual currently available at for Finacle commands finacle wiki finacle menu option and finacle user guide dear.

Accessing all menu options depends onwhether the menu is free or not.

All is here

Work class like Manager, Clerk, Officer etc. This user id is created using SSO Admin. User can have the list of frequently usedmenu options in the favourites. Copy the menu option that is frequently used and pastethe same in the favourite's list.

Ultimate Finacle Commands used for banking. Download PDF!

Finacle is a customer centric solution. All products and services offered in Finacle arebuilt around the customer. The Customer Information File where all the informationabout the customer is stored. The datarelating to these should have access through various backend.

So, instead of capturingthe information in multiple back end systems, it is maintained at a common CIFdatabase in Customer Relationship Management module and linkage is provided to allthe required back end systems. This gives a global flavour to conduct business transactions acrossgeographies, systems, channels, products, at all times.

This ID is created for thecustomer in the bank's database. On creation of the CIF ID,the customers can perform banking transactions such as depositing money, availingloan, credit or debit card or any other product of the bank.

The CIF system helps thebank to know the details of the individuals with whom they maintain certain relationship.

The customers, based on whether they are individuals or business are referred to aseither Retail or Corporates. Retail - Theindividuals or persons who form parclientele. Everyindividual retail and business corporate customer bears a unique identity signified as 17 Indian Overseas Bank — Finacle However, all these may belong to the same corporate group.

It is a unique ID generated by the system based on an inbuilt logic.

Modified —Bank can modify the details of CIF. Inquired —Bank can inquire about CIF. Suspended —Bank can disable CIF from creating any new relationship.

Dedup —It is required for checking the duplicate CIF entities in the system.

Transferred —Transfers the ownership and the new owner can further assign or transfer. Assigned —Assignee gets the right only to carry out the activities on behalf of the owner. This feature also helps assign and transfer entity records.

The user canselect the appropriate process from the listing20 Indian Overseas Bank — Finacle The full name gets automatically filled with first character of customer first name, firstcharacter of the middle name and all the characters of last name.

Once the user clicks OK to proceed, the CIF approval process selection page pops up,The user has to click on the save process selection button to move ahead for furtheractivity. Once it is done the CIF will move to the group tray for approval from where theauthorised person can take it to the self-tray and approve.

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The entity queue can be viewed in the Group Tray. This is done by another user who will check. Tray Type —Business Centre Group 2. Entity Type —Customer 3. Group —General Banking 4. Select BusinessCentre. Click on Submit. A Customer Details list will appear. Now the Entity has been successfully moved to Self-Tray. Tray Type —Self 2. Action —Submitted 4.

For Approval, Click on Submit. Hence there is no need to enter theidentification details, contact details, household and group details through different tabs. However, if the userneeds to capture multiple currencies or multiple addresses and other details of thecustomer, it has to be entered through the Edit Customer function subsequently. Hence there is no need to enter theidentification details, contact details and group details through separate tabs.

However, if the user needs tocapture multiple currencies or multiple addresses and other details of the customer, it 22 Indian Overseas Bank — Finacle The Corporate Name field has a limit of characters. Short name is used forsearching the customers in Finacle Core application. The incorporation date representsthe date on which the entity represented by the corporate CIF has been formed.

Details like address, contact details; group id etc. Inthese scenarios the CIFEdit menu will come into picture for doing the necessary action.

The navigation for both retail as well as corporate is similar in nature. CIF coreintegration requires verification. And the verification is to be done using the same menuHCCFM by another user who has necessary verifying powers. People who have defaulted, cheque bouncecases on a regular basis can be treated as negative customers. The relationship details include the master information of the CIFentity,accounts held in various back end system, opportunities and incidents logged forthe selected entity.

Non security items are items like furniture, fixtures, stationary items other thansecurity items etc.

Inventory Class: In CBS software, each inventory item is identified by theinventoryitem code defined for it. The system allows defining of major classification of inventoryitem called as Inventory Class.

For e. Can be created using HIIM menu. Inventory items are moved from one location to another location. For a Location Class, you can specify up to a maximum of twoauthorisers.

Oneofthe officers shall move the outstanding stock of security forms i. He will notedown the same. Itshould be borne in mind that a cancellation of a movement is possible only beforeverification of the same. However, it is not mandatory that the user who initiated themovement has to cancel it can be cancelled by any other user too. This type of authorising on behalf of another user is applicable only for the inventorymovement.

The screen interface and navigation will be similar toHISAI except that the user will be in a position to change the employee location code. For this purpose bankneedsto provide the valid instruments to customer and for which all the records are keptin Bank register. These negotiable instruments are in general term known as Chequesand are security items whose documentation and records are securely maintained. This facility is provided to stop a single cheque or multiple cheques in a series.

Stoppayment or revocation charges can be collected through event based charge collectionat the time of verification process. Stoppayment charges are not modifiable. Cancellation of Stop payment process can be done before verification by selecting X-Cancelfunction and after authorization stop payment can only be revoked.

It is possible to explode the entry to enquire leaf details. Sometimes it happens that user enters the wrong cheque number and if is not actuallypaidor presented, system update the cheque status when actually that cheque ispresented, system may not allow debit, as the system recordshows already paid.

Under this circumstances, if the user wants to change the paid status of the originalchequeto different number and present cheque status option. The screen details are shown below Indian Overseas Bank — Finacle Posted transaction: Status given when the actual account balances get affected. Itcaneither increase credit transaction or decrease debit transaction the balance in theaccount.

It does not affect the Sub GL balances. The person who posts the transactionmust have necessary permission or access to carry out the process. Verified transaction: Status given when another person ensures the correctness ofthetransaction and also authorises it. The person who authorises the transaction musthave the necessary permission or access to carry out the process.

Deleted transaction: Status of a transaction which is logically deleted. Deletedtransactions are available for inquiry in the Core Banking Solution at any point oftime. Maker and CheckerMaker and checker are nothing but two persons who are involved in the creation andposting of the transactions. Maker is the person who creates the transaction. Checker isthe person who verifies the transaction.

A transaction usually involves two or amaximum of three persons for a transaction to get completed.

A transaction can be modified by any number of persons. The Core Banking Solutionkeeps track of the last person who has modified the transaction.

Once the modificationis done by a person, the Core Banking Solution overwrites the information of the firstperson who has created the transaction.

This is for the simple reason that the personwho is modifying the transaction might be doing with the wrong intention. The CoreBanking Solution does not keep track of person who has deletes the transaction also. Only the status of the transaction is updated to Deleted.

Backdated transactionThis is a transaction that is initiated on an account where transaction date which is lessthan BOD dates. Usual functions like Add, Modify, Inquire, Verify etc. F 4 will take you in to the next block wherein the following fields are to be entered. New Lien Amount-Enter the amount for which lien is to be marked Expiry Date The date upto which lien is to be maintained Lien Reason A list of standard reasons are available; use F 2 Lien Remarks Non mandatory; enter any comments that you would like to record The process can be completed with F For verification by an officer, use the same menu ALM and employ the function verify.

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Deleting Memo Pad in Finacle. Are you an Auditor and auditing Finacle based Bank or Branch , finacle commands for ready reference is for you. First of all Thanks to all regular readers of this blog. This website is growing at first pace with already having Visitors in 3 months.

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Chirag Bhatt. Nitika Gupta. Aishwarya Gupta. Abhishek Dutta.Assigned —Assignee gets the right only to carry out the activities on behalf of the owner.

This is for the simple reason that the personwho is modifying the transaction might be doing with the wrong intention. Anonymous March 14, at 4: This Post is shared by o A final slider allows the user to enlarge or shrink the image on the program's background.

In Excel: The plug-in, itself, works in the background based on preset options. Itshould be borne in mind that a cancellation of a movement is possible only beforeverification of the same.