In , in the Emma Darcy's 10th anniversary, Wendy and Frank to know more, be more, give more, and this is reflected in all her books. Initially a French/English teacher, Emma Darcy changed careers to computer Emma Darcy Author () . cover image of Australian Passion Book Box Set. emma darcy uploady ebook, emma darcy uploady pdf, emma darcy uploady Download or Read Online emma darcy uploady book in our library is free for you.

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The secondary characters were very effective.

The alcoholic, cocaine snorting sister who humiliated the heroine was a good stand-in for the typical HP OW, of which there were none in this story, any involvement the hero having had in the past safely off the page.

His haughty mother, she of the limp noodle handshake and holier than thou attitude was also a riot. The hero's housekeeper was definitely a keeper.

The heroine's mother strangely morphed from an icy, criticizing Mommy Dearest to a tragic, warm mother-figure by the end, which was weird. I could have really done without the last minute insertion of a skeleton in the heroine's mom's closet regarding the paternity of the heroine and which almost ruined their engagement party.

It was also a bit weird that the hero proposed marriage to the heroine as a desperate attempt to postpone their break-up, and he always had in the back of his mind that if things didn't work out during a long engagement, he could always back out of the marriage ultimately but he would have at least gotten his fill of her in bed by then.

It was only as he saw her suffer humiliation at the hands of an unscrupulous blackmailer that he decided she was for keeps?

Forgive me for feeling nostalgic for all those non politically correct vintage romantic heroes who took one look at the heroine and decided to instantly lock it in with a marriage whether the heroine wanted one or not because she had to belong to him FOREVER lol. All this wishy-washiness is a bit of a let-down.

Overall though, this was an adequate, contemporary Harlequin story with a very nice heroine that I was happy to see get a well-deserved HE A. Emma Darcy Published: The Platinum Collection Various authors Published: Wedding Party Collection: Here Comes Various authors Published: Irresistible Greeks: Red-Hot and Rich Ruthless Milllionaire, Indecent Propo In Bed with a Sheikh!: In Bed with Her Groom: In Bed with the Boss: In Bed with the Playboy: In Bed with a King: The Ca Ruthlessly Bedded by the I Hot Nights with the Craving Jamie Emma Darcy Published: A Bride for the Boss: The PlayI didn't want to say goodbye to Matt who was adorable and behaved quite well and Ann who gave it back to him splendidly!

Shelves: fantasy , fell-off-my-chair-laughing , fluffy-pink-sparkly-rainbows , hold-hands-and-sing-kumbaya-sweet , hplandia , hurray-and-happy-i-read-it , i-am-so-totally-feeling-the-lurve , just-visiting-hplandia , kiddie-drama , nice-day-at-the-hp-office This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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This one is a gem. But the BFF never called and the h was packed off to an aunt in Queensland. The sludge gulper is dismissed and the ex lover reveals that he is more interested in rekindling the flame with the h and proving that he is not a slime toad.